building confidence to help create change

I believe everyone has the right to and potential for personal growth and development. Together we can explore your strengths and identify what will be most helpful to support the movement and progression you want in your life.

the importance of small things



What’s already working now?

When are the things you want to change happening the least?



When are the times you’ve  done this before?

What contributed to it going well?


Improved future

How will you notice when you experience your preferred outcome?

What difference will it make?

my Approach

every partnership is unique

As part of my training and continued coaching practice, I follow the principles of a solution focused approach employing a range of other methodologies including positive intelligence.

What all of my practices have in common is a lean towards ‘whats possible’ by working together to identify what a preferred future might look like and what is already contributing.

History shows that human nature has a tendency to operate in our stress mode when experiencing difficulties. This means it’s extremely hard to shift into a more positive perspective that allows us to appreciate our strengths and enable us to move forward.

Why jo?

Service driven

With a background in my earlier career spent in the creative services, working with clients and internal teams, my nature has always been to provide the best service possible to help people reach their goals. This has only increased as I partner with people to support their desire for change.

Professional Experience

With over twenty years in the creative sector, I decided to create my own change and retrain as a professional coach, specialising in helping others explore and gain clarity in their own lives. I am an accredited coach with the International Coaching Federation which requires continual practice and assessments for each renewal.

What I can bring to a coaching partnership

Observations, questions and a dynamic personality to support, encourage and enable you to build your path forward. My personality profile is cheerleader according to Arthur C Brooks professor of Happiness! Having an accountability partner is a crucial and integral part of movement and change, this is also where I come in.

It's your agenda

One of the things I like best about coaching is that moment when a partnership begins and I have no idea about what is going to be brought to the table. I work hard to remain unbias and to check in whatever direction we move in our conversation is what each person wants, which means I can continue to listen and support in the best way possible.


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